Spacious 1400 sq ft studio/hot yoga room features:

  • Large frosted windows providing ample natural light
  • Mondo Tech Advanced Anti-Microbial rubberized flooring
  • Custom designed heat and HVAC systems
  • Ceiling fans
  • LED lighting
  • Cloud & Sky light covers

We feature Mondo Tech Advanced Rubber Anti-Microbial flooring. This anti-microbial rubber flooring system is non-porous, bacteria free, and odorless. The floor is insulated to keep your muscles warm, and it has been bio-mechanically engineered to perform with your body, absorbing shock. The Athens 2004 Olympics Summer Games used this floor for the indoor volleyball courts.

Reception Area features
  • A Seating area to visit with friends and fellow classmates before and after class.
  • A state of the art computerized sign-in and Membership tracking system.
Changeroom's Feature

Six showers in the Ladies’ Room and Two shower stalls in the Mens’ Room for your convenience.